GraphQL Frontend

Prompt & Easy

Headless CMS for your Neo4j + GraphQL Backend

  • It takes you only minutes

    from connection to your GraphQL-API endpoint...

  • your configured Headless CMS

    for your Neo4j + GraphQL Backend

Applications of GraphQL Frontend

Powerful features

GraphQL Frontend has all the functionality you need to build a customer friendly user interface for your Neo4j + GraphQL backend in minutes.

Automatic and instant adaption to schema changes

As soon as you update your GraphQL schema on your endpoint GraphQL Frontend will update the user interface accordingly.


No coding required and reliable customer support available

There is no coding required to setup and configure GraphQL Frontend. Our technical support is available to help you if necessary.

State-of-the-art UX for tables and forms

Data are managed with help of tables and forms. Here we use the most performant and user friendly technology.

Easy to configure interface with customizable CI

The configuration of the application is easy and comprehensive. Even the CI can be customised, e.g. for a white-label branding.

Sophistic roles and rights management

With the integrated roles and rights management the data access and the possibilities of data manipulation for single user can be controlled.